Agil Abdullayev

That’s why I don’t hang out with the cool kids
(featuring Lady Adele Rashida Baghlava, Yves Michele, Tural and Michael)

Group performance
Yarat Contemporary Art Space | Baku, Azerbaijan
“That’s why I don’t hang out with cool kids” is a queer community based performance attempts to make a connection between the history of electronic music and the shift in childhood alter egos. Packed with repeated motifs of the recent queer history in Azerbaijan, as well as folk music, club culture, masculinity and references to cool-kid culture
and Bakuvians street style, narrative-less and semi-autobiographical performance thread along with a gentle balance between cynicism and sentimentality,moving between genres and modes of expression.

Performers: Agil Abdullayev, Aytakin Miriş, Elnur Musayev, Latif Ismayil, Parviz Şamilov, Lili Nazar and Ilgar Aydin and Tural Haji
This work has been part of Anna Fech’s curated public performances program for Zadie Xa’s “Child of Magohalmi and the Echos of Creation” .
Video/photos courtesy: Yarat Contemporary Art Space