Agil Abdullayev

Morgen and my Morgen

Full HD Video
13 min

Throphy Room, Liverpool, UK

Focusing on the differences between the east and the west from a queer perspective, in "Morgen and My Morgen", Agil appears in contemplation on a reclining chair, constantly referring to the word ‘Morgen’. The word takes on new meanings in each scene, which is introduced with statements such as ‘Morgen is a strong feeling of affection’.

Although presented in a light-hearted manner, the work is tainted with a political message and dark undertone. Clips of speech about censorship and torture are woven into the film from a series of conversations between Abdullyev and a man from Azerbaijan, who was imprisoned and abused after being found on Grindr by the authorities. ‘Morgen’ becomes representative of their experiences as homosexual men in two very different places.