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Godly Being’s Escape Plan
short film, video, color, sound, 14’

The film delves into the harrowing experiences following the 2017 anti-gay crackdown in Azerbaijan, when news of the government's severe measures against the LGBTQ+ community began to surface. Through the intimate lens of queer couples caught in the turmoil, the narrative captures their desperate struggle to find safety and dignity in an increasingly hostile environment.

Central to the story is an anonymous and enigmatic figure, adorned in a striking gold cape, symbolizing a guardian of the queer community in Azerbaijan. This figure embodies hope and resilience, standing as a beacon of protection amid the pervasive fear and uncertainty.

The character's presence introduces an element of mysticism and defiance, challenging the oppressive forces at play.
The film's powerful storytelling is further enriched by the use of evocative poems as voiceovers. These poetic interludes serve as a poignant commentary on the raw emotions experienced by the characters—ranging from despair and anguish to a fervent yearning for freedom and safety. The verses amplify the depth of their suffering and their unyielding desire for a life free from persecution.

"Godly Being's Escape Plan" not only highlights the personal stories of those affected by the crackdown but also sheds light on the broader implications of such systemic oppression. The film's evocative visuals, combined with its haunting soundtrack, create a visceral experience that underscores the urgency of the need for global awareness and solidarity with marginalized communities facing such dire circumstances.

The film is a moving portrayal of resilience and hope, capturing the indomitable spirit of those who continue to fight for their right to live and love freely.

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Directed by
Agil Abdullayev

Performed by
Horace Robert Goldman-Capanna
Giancarlo Montes Santangelo
Luis Edgar Merjicanos
Sarah Workneh

Camerawork by
Annie Flanagan
Agil Abdullayev

Artistic direction by
Clarence McLay
Ash Moniz

Voice by
Misra Walker
Agil Abdullayev

Sound design by
Fatima Al Yadar

Polad Dashdamir

Text editor and translator
Nigar Ibrahimbayli

Special thanks to
Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture
Sarah Workneh