Agil Abdullayev

Allies weare rainbow pin

Single channel 4K video
18 min

“Allies wear rainbow pin” is a two-part short film, examining queer allyship as a part of social responsibility and building (or growing or evolving) into a post-discriminative future. The film reimagines azerifuturism within the dialogues of four friends, in relation to a post-class privileges-based future. The film incorporates two dialogues accompanied by characters introduction in poetic language, which emphasize the concept of privilege in the first part, and discrimination in the second part attempting to find a balance in the form of allyship, as well as refers to social and cultural codes of the local society.

Director of Photography: Chichek Bayramli
Performed by: Parviz Abdullayev, Natig Asgar, Elnur Musayev
Sound: Farhad Farzali
Text translation: Lale Aliyeva
Studio: Seyidbeyli Film
Special thanks: Aygun Budaq, Y-Peer Azerbaijan, Nermin Rustemli, Zahra Mammadova
Comissioned by ARTIM FLUX