Agil Abdullayev

I said, we are going to the moon and we even didn’t make it to the roof 
(featuring Lady Adele Rashida Baghlava)

Site-spesific installation including two-channel full HD video, 45x60cm C-print photograph, wall paint and led lights
Installation view images at Artim Project Space, Baku, Azerbaijan
Site-specific installation “I said, we are going to the moon and we even didn’t make it to the roof” (2019) questions the certainty of existing conditions and situations of the social and religious structures within existing taboos. Two video works are installed face-to-face in the half green painted space, juxtaposing the artist positions himself as a narrator and the act of the washing procedure to be prepared for praying, in the middle the photograph “Rashida in the roof” is displayed.

The installation refers mainly to the critical problems of social and cultural reality in which the artist offers his opinion on the relationship between religion and science. Looking superficially the work plays with contrasts; however, at a deeper level of observation, the artist manages to create dialogues between seemingly incompatible, different worlds. In a poetic and subtle way, he forms a fictive narrative, questioning the validity of dogmas, the word, and a dualistic understanding of the world. Th e washing scene seems to convey the key, as this ritual applies to the spiritual intuition and the inner purification through water, that stands for moving, changing and acceptance of diversity.